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Testosterone Decline

For Low Testosterone Use Testosterone Gel or Cream, Testosterone Prescription from a Testosterone Clinic

testosterone benefits physiciansInjectable Testosterone or Cream Testosterone?

For adult, middle-aged and senior men who suffer from low testosterone replacement therapy levels, there are treatments available to help get your levels back up to normal as well as eliminate the symptoms of premature aging that are related to this condition known as Hypogonadism. Low Low Testosterone means rapid aging for men men and women – modulation is needed. One of the first methods that doctors choose for their patients is Cream Low T replacement therapy, that is after a blood test is conducted and indicates sub-optimal levels testosterone treatment in the body.

This kind of testosterone injections treatment is made to raise the levels of low t to youthful levels when introduced into the body in optimal replenishment levels.  This replacement therapy can be given to men  via injections, applying a topical gel, or by having pellets implanted underneath the skin. The 2 most popular ways are cream and injection. For people who don’t like Testosterone Replacement Therapy Injections they can utilize a cream or gel. Pellets are simply not used as often and many doctors do not recommend them.

testosterone cream benefitsAlthough these methods have both benefits and drawbacks, a newer product is available on the market and is fast becoming popular. Injectable Testosterone cream is similar to gel and is an effective form of treatment for raising injectable testosterone levels thus making it convenient and easy to use without a big needle.

Testosterone cream is preferred by most men over the patch or gel since there is less chance of skin irritation. To use this product, you need to apply usually a gram, to your shoulders, upper arms, stomach and thighs, once a day after a shower for a minimum of ten to twenty weeks in order to maintain normal levels of testosterone.

Depending on many other factors an estrogen blocker (arimadex) and HCG are used during and in post treatment therapies to maximize benefits and provide the best long term safety.

Our Low Testosterone Treatment physician specialists believe that a 3 to 6 month Testosterone Cypionate Injections Replacement Therapy Program is optimal time range to get the best results. You should get your blood work redone every 3 to 6 months for best results in terms of modulating your program through our physician guided Testosterone Treatment programs for men and women. Contact us today about all of your options concerning Low Testosterone Injections treatment. Start by filling out the contact form, and schedule a time to have one of our clinical advisers to call you to talk about what your goals and problems are to see if low testosterone is the right choice. You must be above the age of 30, USA citizen or resident, and experiencing some of the symptoms of testosterone cypionate decline.

There are side effects of using the cream when abused or over used; these include dizziness or headaches, high blood pressure that relates to fluid retention.  Since there are some studies  this product can cause prostate problems, men that are presently suffering from problems with their prostate will not be able to use this cream. Abuse of low testosterone treatment can also make one quick to anger. Be sure to follow the guidelines and ranges set forth by our Testosterone Doctors at our Testosterone Clinic. It’s the optimal zone you want to be inside, not above or below.

Testosterone CreamOverview of Testosterone and Treatment Options

If you are male and your body is not producing enough testosterone naturally, a condition called hypogonadism, your doctor might prescribe a testosterone cream to boost your levels (or testosterone injections).

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the growth of male sex organs like the penis and testicles as well as masculine traits such as facial hair, increased muscle size and secondary sex characteristics. Testosterone has a powerful effect on the strength of the penis, erection longevity and size.

For Low Testosterone use Testosterone Cream

Testosterone cream is a topical prescription applied directly to the skin. The cream is usually applied in the morning or after a shower, but application methods vary according to the brand. For instance, Androgel requires application anywhere on the shoulders, upper arms or abdomen. Testim allows application on your shoulders and arms but prohibits application on your abdomen. Follow the application directions exactly as described to you by your doctor, and never apply the cream to your genitals or any skin with sores or cuts. One of the best places to apply testosterone cream is behind the knee and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Reach us today, and ask us about Low Testosterone testing for deficiency, or continued therapy for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, We have flexible programs and believe in co-creating our programs with you to suit you best. To learn more about Hormone Therapy visit continue to explore our web site. If you fill out the contact form and do not hear back from us within 24 hours, call us from our main site: The Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.


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